Why Bh Crypto


Professionals in Colocation

We intend to assist enterprises in maximizing their return on investment (ROI) for high-performance applications like blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning by offering scalable and quick deployment colocation solutions. There are tremendous possibilities accessible in today’s marketplace because of the strategic infrastructure that we have built.

We distinguish ourselves by giving our customers honest and reasonable pricing, integrity in all we do, and operational excellence led by an experienced management team. We’re glad to report that we’ve established ourselves as a leader in this developing field by executing quickly and precisely.


Insured and Reliable Assistance

Your equipment is always in good hands with us. We have onsite support available to help ensure your hardware is running at maximum capacity. And if you take advantage of our fully managed services, you benefit from proactive monitoring and support. We help keep support calls to a minimum so you can focus on your ROI, not on whether your hardware is operating.


High-Quality, Low-Priced Options

We’ve developed our sites in portions of the United States and other nations to take advantage of low-cost, sustainable power sources. Our colocation services use renewable energy in these locations for optimal hardware performance and the lowest cost per kilowatt. Because of this, you can mine so much for so little money!


Guaranteed, Best Pricing That Is All-encompassing

You no longer have to wonder how much you’re spending on mining each month. As a result of our straightforward, set price, our customers may always function at their maximum capacity. Our all-inclusive price includes power, space, internet connectivity, physical racks, cooling, and security, so you don’t have to worry about a thing while using our colocation services. The way colocation was designed to work.

Scalable Power that Fits Your Business

Bh Crypto offers the ultimate blockchain network with the essential components to fuel your operations. Services that we provide consist of the following:

Safe and reliable

Provides a safe, reliable, and comfortable environment for the storage of hardware and data

Renewable sources of energy

Using a wide range of sources, including minimal renewable energy, to power infrastructure at a competitive rate

Simplified Pricing

Fixed cost covers electricity, capacity, cooling, physical racks, and security.


Remote assistance is available for on-site assistance and problem-solving.

Thermal Maintenance

Cooling hardware using ambient air.

Swaps of equipment

Reboots and equipment exchanges are available for free.

Doorways to the Dock

dock doors are provided on-site for dock-height cargo.

Voltage Configurations

There are 240V dropouts to choose from

Remote VPN

VPN connection through the internet

Sites in the United States

Strategically selected locations for environmental, regulatory, and geopolitical reasons.

Reviews from Our Clients

I will keep on using and recommending your services for the rest of my life. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff to obtain my miners when I needed to and then to put them up the following day. This is the most remarkable customer service I have ever had. In the past, competing companies I had used would have turned me away if I had inquired about what I had done the previous night. Instead, the team was ever ready to put me through and answer my numerous questions. The team even gave me various options and showed me why each method is excellent.

– Bh Crypto Customer

Secure Your Mining Spot Right Now!

Due to our exceptional services and numerous referrals, our facilities get filled up quickly. There is hardly any space. Contact us immediately so as not to miss out and to get the finest services for cryptocurrency mining.