Partnership and Collaboration Programs

We are committed to delivering cutting-edge energy management. This will assist industrial facilities in benefiting from the adoption of sustainable energy initiatives while simultaneously helping to enhance cryptocurrency’s ESG impact.

With a vast wide number of years of experience in the technology and energy sectors, you can be certain that your clients are in excellent hands. This is where you may register all of your current and potential clients. A six-month exclusivity period is granted to the first partner to register a customer. The only term and condition are that there has to be the lead activity remain active. Sign up now!

  1. The first level of support for operations: Be aware of the customer’s installation procedure at all times to guarantee thorough communication about their most important assets.
  2. At Bh Crypto, we are thrilled to collaborate with you on innovative ways to extract value from the energy that would otherwise go to waste. Innovative prospects for midstream, upstream, and individual investors are at the heart of the company’s growth strategy. The employment of renewable energy will be used to power portable digital mining farms. Bridging the gap between challenges and solutions is what we will achieve within a short time.
  3. Priority Installation and Setup: we know how important word of mouth is. Our partner referrals receive priority status. Priority is given to our partners’ recommendations. A referral program’s goal is to bring in new customers. However, you’re not simply bringing in random people. We need you to think of individuals who could benefit from your product or service. This will result in referrals from people who are a good match for us.
  4. Collaborating on Facility Roadmaps: Definition of a roadmap as an overview of technology paths to achieve an objective. For example, your sales pipeline and our development pipeline can work together to help us grow as a company.
  5. Insights and perspective from the Shared Market: A detailed, subjective data analysis will help us identify the relevant, actionable, and hitherto unrecognized realities in the cryptocurrency market. We know that it is important to understand your target audience’s genuine requirements and wants so that we can address their needs and desires while still making a profit. Simply put, the finest market insights provide value to all parties involved. Our Marketing Insights will keep you up to date on the latest developments in the Cryptosphere.
  6. Customizable volume-based pricing options: Profitability is at the heart of the marketing concept, which is achieved by satisfying customers’ demands and needs. Because each customer is unique, organizations would achieve maximum satisfaction if they could meet each customer’s goals and requirements individually rather than treating everyone the same. Our partner Program price matrix enables your referrals’ urgent requirements to be addressed in a timely and effective manner via our dependable, competitive edge.
  7. Volume Pricing in Aggregate: The greater the price discounts you get with Bh Crypto over the course of a year, the more you save.
  8. Updates on the Development Pipeline: You will be able to co-sell and pre-sell fresh colocation space as soon as it is made accessible to the public.
  9. Support for Sales and Engineering: The whole sales process will be supported by Bh Crypto resources.
  10. Marketing: As authorized Preferred Partners, Bh Crypto will offer you and your company numerous and generous co-marketing options.

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