Get to Meet Technology Leaders Who Like to Have Fun in a Competitive Environment!

Bh Crypto’s position as a pioneer in digital infrastructure and blockchain colocation gives its employees a unique and exciting opportunity. Team members are able to improve their careers while having a great time at the same time because of our innovative, successful, and enjoyable workplace culture. We foster a culture of innovation and strive to make each employee feel like an important member of the team. Nobody ever feels left alone irrespective of any circumstances


Work-Life Balance

Today, it is no longer only about balancing work and life but also about finding ways to make the most of your time. It has also grown to encompass stress management and burnout avoidance.

We want our staff to be able to maintain a good work-life balance as they progress in their careers with us. In order to maintain our fast expansion as a firm, Bh Crypto recognizes that the finest and brightest personnel is essential. Therefore, we offer the following competitive advantages:

  • 15 PTO days: All employees enjoy a total of fifteen paid vacation days. The number of days is subsequent to change. More specifically, it increases after spending five and ten years of service. So additionally, you will get to enjoy eight paid vacation days.
  • Sick- leave: As one of us, your health is very important. You cannot deliver if you are not healthy. Thus, you are entitled to Five recovery days.
  • Casual “blue jeans” atmosphere: It’s easier for employees to work together more often when the working atmosphere is less restrictive. We want our staff to feel inspired and driven to work hard and achieve meaningful results. Therefore they need to break away from the daily routine of a monotonous office atmosphere.
  • Competitive pay: You will get to earn salaries that are on par with the rest of your counterparts in other companies.
  • Extra benefits: Working with us, you get to enjoy many extra benefits asides from your basic remuneration. Some of these benefits include health care, dentistry, flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and other types of optional benefits programs
  • Retirement plans: We are concerned about the welfare of our staff, not when they are with us but after they retire. Thus, we will give you two different retirement plan alternatives. These plans are the 401(k) and ROTH retirement plan options with employer match.
  • Quarterly reviews

Our Core Values

Our Employees know This is Who We really are!


Integrity and honesty are the building blocks of trust. Everyone at Bh Crypto who represents the organization. Furthermore, our company’s overall conduct must adhere to high standards of ethics. We take pride in ourselves in being honest, fair, and polite to everyone around us.


Everyone ought to have commitment, and devotion to one’s work are very important components. We are adept at staying focused and without being sidetracked by other things. These workers don’t leave the office until they’ve completed all of their tasks most of the time.


Everything we undertake should be done with a feeling of urgency. Waiting till the last minute to do a job often results in subpar output. This is one attitude we do not condone.

Positive Attitude

Our positivity is contagious, and those who actually want to be here can see it. Both in the workplace and at home, we are delighted of our capacity to have a good influence.

Commitment to the Client

Customer service is all about keeping our promises and maintaining the relationships we have built.

Diversity and Inclusion

We thrive when they bring together people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences in a common setting. We are fully aware of the correct thing to do to have a diverse and inclusive workplace. Everyone should feel appreciated, respected, heard, and important in the workplace via the practice of basic human decency.


There is no one who knows everything. For us to be successful, we built our foundation of humility and constant learning.


When a group of people works together, they can accomplish more than they could on their own. At Bh Crypto, we display a strong work ethic by working together as a team. We recognize that if everyone contributes to the success of the organization, it will be a success.

We are Expanding

We’re expanding daily, much like the blockchain industry. So visit our job listings and submit an application asap.