TIER 0™ Data Centers

Massive Hosting Operations Benefit from Powerful Colocation.

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Maximizing Profitability with Optimized Mining Facilities

Data centers owned and operated by Bh Crypto are particularly built to take full use of blockchain technology. For this reason, we found it necessary and important to position centers in key locations throughout America and across the globe.

A new generation of high-performance computing has been made possible with the TIER 0TM idea. Tier 0 (tier zero) is the fastest level of data storage currently available.

Our data centers are different from typical data centers in that they are designed to grow rapidly and effectively. Our cryptocurrency mining data centers are concentrated on the bulk of our mining efforts. We are one of the top vendors of data center solutions because of our stringent safety architecture.

Our goal is to make sure and that our clients succeed and expand their operations in a fraction of the time. Cryptocurrency mining and machine learning are just two examples of applications that benefit from a wide range of energy sources, cost-effective infrastructure, and our hands-on knowledge.


Created with High-Density Computing in Mind

You don’t want to mine cryptocurrencies from a facility that is not specially intended to handle blockchain technology. We have prepared our infrastructure to manage large-scale mining activities with sufficient electricity. As a result, we never oversell space or power in our cryptocurrency farming facility. Additionally, your density-optimized servers are capable of handling your business’s large data requirements or a customized application.


Dedicated to Reducing the Cost of Mining

Mining cryptocurrencies has become more difficult and expensive as demand grows and the technology becomes more complicated. Therefore, if you want the highest return on investment from your mining operations, you must locate your equipment in a cost-effective location.

Renewable energy in places where electricity prices are very low is used to reduce your expenditures. While designing our colocation facilities, our team was clear on the need for renewable energy. It’s dependable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

We will collaborate with your team to come up with new ideas that will minimize your Total Cost of Ownership while maintaining oil quality and environmental protection.


An American Friendly Cryptocurrency Farming and Mining Home

We are located in a crypto-friendly environment. Based on America’s political space, we are all rest assured that cryptocurrency will always be welcomed. If you’re in the United States, you’re never more than a short distance from a state-of-the-art drilling rig. The best locations are picked for their suitability based on realistic factors such as environmental, governmental, and geopolitical stability.

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