Expert Logistics on a Global Scale

When it comes to shipping computer and mining equipment throughout the world, Bh Crypto has extensive expertise. To guarantee that your mining gear gets to where it needs to go swiftly and securely, we use the volume of business we conduct and our expertise in mining gear and the industry. In order to make things easier, we provide a variety of packing and palletizing solutions as well as testing and repair services. So let us take care of the heavy lifting and help you get back online and make money quickly.

BH Crypto logistics services include:


Ability to transport computer and mining equipment between continents


Options for packaging and palletizing


Shipping Low-cost, bonded, and insured logistics partners you can trust

Testing and Repair

Experts in the Diagnosis and Repair of Your Devices


Store your stuff here until the time comes for installation.


Please let us know how we can help you get your equipment up and running at the new site!

Why Bh Crypto

Bh Crypto delivers cost-effective infrastructure solutions for high-performance applications such as blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to customers around the globe. An experienced management team leads us with deep experience in technology, finance, and energy. Moreover, we distinguish ourselves by giving our customers with honest and fair pricing, integrity in all that we do, and operational excellence. In short order, we have been acknowledged as one of the leaders in this new field by executing with speed and accuracy. As a result, we have thousands of satisfied customers, and we look forward to earning your business.

Secure Your Mining Spot Right Now!

Due to our exceptional services and numerous referrals, our facilities get filled up quickly. There is hardly any space. Contact us immediately so as not to miss out and to get the finest services for cryptocurrency mining.